The F3 has everything you will want from your electric scooter: a sporty and aggressive look, a powerful and ultra-efficient electric motor with a unique engine concept, CBS for a superior braking experience and great battery range. Discover more below.

Unique Engine Concept

CBS (Central Braking System)


LED Lights

Self-diagnosis System


Gray Matte

Black Matte

Blue Matte

360° view of the F3

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F3 Features


This e-scooter is installed with a powerful electric motor designed to optimise the efficiency of the battery and achieve greater range than the average electric scooter. The electric motor of the F3 is not integrated into the wheel (hub motor), neither does it use a belt to set the rear wheel in motion but it is rather installed next to the rear wheel and is thus more protected.  This unique engine concept achieves a 10 to 1 efficiency in the transition. Thus, the battery suffers less from high peak currents ensuring longer battery life and higher mileage autonomy.


The F3 is original in many aspects. Its design is one of those. It has a sporty design with unique stylistic elements, such as the headlight, setting it apart from any other electric scooter in the market.

CBS (Central Braking System)

The F3 is a top-quality e-scooter with premium components and advanced technology. The F3 features CBS, which stands for Central Braking System, similar in principle to ABS. The CBS controls braking, balancing the braking force between both the front and the rear wheels, thus helping to avoid the front wheel from locking. Hence, the front and rear disc brakes and double piston calipers provide a seamless braking experience with absolute precision even in difficult situations.

Digital features

The digital dashboard ensures an accurate display of all the indications and metrics of your e-scooter. Also, the F3 runs an advanced self-diagnostic system. It continuously checks the condition of various operations of the e-scooter, such as the batteries, and it displays informative notifications on the dashboard.


A long seat with plenty of space for the rider’s legs and footrests for the pillion rider ensures a comfortable seating position for both. Twin shock absorbers in the rear make the F3 ideal for carrying a passenger and contribute to the rider’s and the pillion rider’s pleasant experience even over long trips.

LED Lights

The F3 features LED lights on the headlight, taillight and indicators. Hence, you will always have adequate lighting and will be visible those around you.

A closer look at the F3

Technical Specifications

Battery2 x Lithium-ion 72V 16AH
Max. range (km)90 km / 100 km (+120 km
with optional battery)
Max. power1.8 kW at 380 rpm
Max. torque46 Nm at 380 rpm
Full charge time3.5
Max. speed (km/h)45 (25)
Gradeability capacity15°
Front/Rear brakeDISC with CBS
Front/Rear tyre100/80-16 / 120/80-14
Seat height (mm)800
Weight (kg)111
Wheelbase (mm)1435
Overall size (mm)1995x690x1115
ColoursMatte Black, Metallic Grey, Metallic Blue
LED lightsYes
Rear carrierYes
USB socketYes
Digital dashboardYes