The Pride

The Pride is a dynamic tricycle e-scooter with a modern look and a sporty edge. But there is more to it, than just its looks. It is capable of a high top speed and you should not have to worry about range either, because the Pride ticks that box too. It can reach up to 40km on one full charge. It also provides comfort with luxurious seating, top of the class stability and high manoeuvrability. Discover more below.

Remote Keyless System (RMS)

Alarm System

Parking Brake

LED Lights

USB Socket & Digital Dashboard





Pride Features

Speed & Range

The Pride is much more than just its looks. It can reach a maximum speed of 25 Km/h. It also has three driving modes to choose from depending on which one is more suitable for the occasion. Making it on time will not be a problem anymore. You can easily keep up with anyone in the bike lane.
A discussion about e-scooters will always raise the question of autonomy. But the answer from the Pride is loud and clear. With a range of 40km you will not have to worry about when you will have to stop. Keep on driving.

Alarm System

The Pride comes with an alarm system. Yes, you heard that right. The Pride’s alarm system will safeguard your e-scooter from anyone tempted to drive away with it. You can rest assured that your valued possession is safe and sound.

Remote Keyless System (RMS)

This is yet another feature that demonstrates that Driewielscooter is equipping its products with the latest technological features. The Pride ignition switch is equipped with a tamper protection. Cool, right?

Digital features

Nowadays, customers demand more than just a quality tricycle e-scooter. The Pride could not ignore the trends when it comes to digital features. Its digital dashboard offers an accurate display of all the vital parameters of your e-scooter, such as battery level, speed, total kilometres and driving mode indication. A USB socket offers the option to charge your phone on the go. No more need to worry about your phone battery while out and about.


The Pride simply offers more of it. We are clear about that. The Pride comes with a luxurious seat with impressive topstitches. A rear shock absorber ensures a comfortable and steady driving experience. The steering of Pride is also something we are proud of. Its manoeuvrability gives you the ability to move around in narrow spaces, like supermarkets passageways, or tight parking spaces. The reverse gear adds to that flexibility. When it comes to comfort, the legroom can not be ignored. It guarantees that you can drive comfortably or even use it as an extra storage space, in addition to that under the seat and the rear box.

Nipponia Driewielscooter Pride

Parking Brake

Parking any bike on a slope might be a worry. This however, does not apply to Pride owners. With the Parking Brake feature, the Pride will stay firmly where it is meant to be. You have enough worries, parking in a slope should not be one of them.


We know how much it means to you to feel safe when riding your electric scooter. It means a lot to us as well. This is why the Pride is installed with LED lighting to ensure you are visible and safe when driving in low light but also able to clearly see where you are going.

A closer look at the Pride

The comfort seat option mentioned in the video is no longer available for the Nipponia Pride. Nipponia offers model 2Fast as an alternative.

Technical Specifications

Motor Power650W
Max Power1.3 kW at 330 rpm
Max Torque150 Nm at 270 rpm
Max Speed25km/h
Max Range*40km
Max Charging Time4-8h
BatteryLead-acid/ Lithium 60V 20AH
Battery Warranty12 months
BrakesDisc / Drum
Parking BrakeYES
Tires3.00-10’’ / 3.00-10’’
Dimensions (mm)1860x720x1050
Wheelbase (mm)1280
Seat height (mm)720
Net weight (kg)80
Maximum allowance (kg)150
Battery charging cycles450-550
ColorsBlack, Red, White/Black
LightsHeadlight with halogen bulb
Digital DashboardYES
USB socketYES
Rear carrier boxYES
Alarm SystemYES
Parking BrakeYES
Foot PedalYES
Rear Shock AbsorberYES
Remote Keyless System (RKS)YES
Protective BarYES

*When purchasing an electrically powered vehicle, the buyer must take into account that the specified range is an indication that depends on many factors, including: outside temperature; rider weight and freight; age and condition of the battery(s); tire pressure; state of maintenance of the vehicle; mounted accessories; driving style; set pulling force and maximum speed. The supplier specifies a range that can be achieved under normal circumstances and when applying the legal maximum speed.

Vehicles may be subject to change by the manufacturer without prior notice. Pictures shown may vary in detail. Please contact the dealer network for the latest developments on technical features and vehicle specifications.