Who we are

Nipponia has been present in the motorcycle market since 1992 maintaining an active presence around the world ever since.
This was initiated through the exporting company in Japan, Nipponia Boeki Ltd. and has continued through specific markets:

  • The Dominican Republic in the Caribbean – Nipponia Caribe C.xA.
  • Guatemala in Central America – Capetown S.A.

  • China in the Far East – Nipponia Shanghai Ltd.
  • Greece in Europe – Nipponia Holding & Management S.A.
  • European Distribution Center – Trade & Traffic Plus B.V., Wezep, Holland

Mission statement

Nipponia’s main goal is to supply its customers with motorcycles that meet their everyday needs for safe and reliable use, while maintaining a constant presence and offering continuous support. Each model provides unique and innovative design, clear lines and all the functional traits included in a modern scooter or motorcycle. Core values :

Innovative design


Value for money


Product development

  • Design based on future market trends.
  • Engineering based on quality and innovative solutions.
  • Use of motors with increased output and improved quality, with an environmentally-friendly perspective.
  • Improvement of performance and design of frames as far as safety and comfort is concerned.
  • Complete and thorough inspection of technical solutions and improvements as well as production.

Commercial & Post-sale goals

  • To strengthen current market presence.
  • To penetrate into new markets.
  • To establish the Nipponia brand internationally as a high quality and competitively priced brand.
  • To set a high standard of after-sales service provided.
  • To provide and maintain full access to spare parts.
  • Web-based software application will ensure easy and practical spare parts selection and ordering.